3-Ingredient Juice To Reduce Inflammation, Improve Vision, And Detoxify Your Body!

According to Healthy Holistic Living, juicing is an easy and effective way to introduce more veggies and fruits to your daily diet. And, you probably already know how important they are for our overall health.

When it comes to vegetable juices, they are highly beneficial for your health as they possess strong anti-inflammatory properties, but some other pretty amazing characteristics.

This being said, in today’s article, we will present a recipe for 3-in-1 juice which is tasty, natural, and full with nutrients- you will love it! And, the ingredients for it are easily affordable and the preparation is very simple. Let’s check it out…

3-in-1 Power Veggie Juice

You will need:

4 oranges

1 beetroot

2 carrots

A tbsp of honey or liquid stevia, optional

Preparation: First, peel the fruits and veggies and cut them into smaller pieces. Put them in the blender and blend for a minute or two. Once the mixture has become homogeneous, turn off the blender and pour it into glasses. If you want a sweeter taste, add some of the optional sweeteners. Drink right away…

The Benefits of the Ingredients

Oranges are rich in flavonoids, vitamins B and C, and potassium. The flavonoids have anti-inflammatory power and can alleviate diabetes, cardiovascular illness, osteoporosis, cancer, and dementia.  The vitamin C which they possess can balance the fat levels in the blood and better the skin quality by averting oxidation damage. The vitamins B such as folate and thiamine can reduce type 2 diabetes and enhance the digestive processes.

Beets are rich in vitamin B1 and also contain nitrates, minerals, and antioxidants. The antioxidants are great in the fight against inflammation and oxidative stress. This amazing veggie can also help with chronic illnesses prevention, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. The nitrates may elevate the blood flow to the brain and enhance cognition. It is also beneficial for the digestive processes and for the proper functioning of the liver.

Carrots are abundant in iron, magnesium, and potassium, as well as vitamin A and carotenes. They are anti-inflammatory and can also better your eyesight and decrease the chances for eye problems. They are also beneficial for the skin and may fix skin damage, lower the risk of skin cancer, and strengthen the immunity.

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