Nabeez: This Ancient Drink Will Detox Your Whole Body

Have you heard about the Nabeez beverage? You probably have because it has become very popular these days, even though its usage dates back centuries ago. Thanks to more and people becoming aware of the benefits of natural remedies, this drink is regularly used to help with a long list of health problems, but also to maintain optimal health and well-being.

If you want to learn more about this amazing drink, stay tuned! We will present the recipe for it which we discovered on Clean Food House and mention the major health benefits it has to offer…

Nabeez Drink Recipe

You will need:

A handful of raisins or around 7 dates (use only one of these ingredients-do not combine them)

6 to 8 ounces of water

Preparation: Fill one bowl with water and add the dates or raisins. Cover them and leave them to soak overnight. You need to place the bowl in a room temperature area. After 24 hours, strain the liquid and drink it. Set aside the raisins or dates and consume them later or add them in another healthy recipe- the choice is yours.

Use: This beverage is frequently consumed as a pre-dawn or morning food.

Why You Need more Nabeez in Your Life?

Also known as the Prophet’s Drink, this beverage was one of the favorite drinks of Prophet Muhammad. Many refer to it as a potent alkalizing tonic because it has the power to alleviate stomach acidity and to better the digestive health. It also possesses the power to expel metabolic waste and strengthen the memory capacity.

It is highly recommendable for people who have problems with the spleen, liver, prostate, throat, and chest. Moreover, it is commonly used by arthritis and gout sufferers to bring relief from the symptoms.

It will boost your energy levels, so it is ideal during fast breaks, i.e. it allows the body to recuperate after several hours without foods or drinks. You can also use it to treat constipation and ensure regular bowel movements. In case you need a boost in iron, this is the right way to go because it has plenty of it. When you prepare it with dates, thanks to their potassium, you will have a more balanced blood pressure and a healthier heart.

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the following video to learn more about this simple, yet very powerful DIY beverage: