This Honey, Lemon And Cinnamon Drink Can Help You Drop 8 Pounds In A Week!

If you need to get rid of surplus weight and body fat from areas like the thighs or belly, why not try out this homemade honey and lemon drink enriched with cinnamon? You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain! It will not just help you shed weight, but also better your overall health, Organic Home Remedies claim.

The drink is made with all-natural ingredients and all of them are easily affordable. The steps for preparation are very simple and anyone can make it. Remember to consume it regularly to ensure optimal effect. Continue reading the article to see the recipe…

DIY Honey & Lemon Drink for Weight Loss

You will need:

A tbsp of organic honey

Juice from ½ a lemon

A tsp of cinnamon powder

A glass of warm water

Preparation: Mix the lemon juice and honey first and then add the cinnamon. Stir once more until the mixture is homogeneous. Next,add the warm water and mix everything together.

Use: Consume it every morning as breakfast.

The Health Advantages of this Amazing Drink

  • stimulates weight loss
  • encourages the removal of toxins out of the body
  • betters the digestion
  • prolongs the satiety
  • averts unhealthy food cravings
  • contributes to a more alkaline environment in the body
  • helps the metabolism break down fat and carbs
  • assists the production of insulin



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