Throw Away Your Glasses & Restore Your Vision with this DIY Remedy

A lot of people believe that our vision is bound to worsen as we age. Though aging increases the risk of poorer vision, it does not necessarily have to be the case and there are ways you can preserve your eyesight.

In fact, there are beneficial ways you can preserve your optimal vision throughout the years, including potent homemade remedies. This being said, in today’s article, we decided to present one such remedy made with endive!

Endive DIY Juice for Healthy Vision

Endive is a veggie which is similar to lettuce and has a similar nutritional value to it. It is also known as chicory. Brussels chicory is a winter-type of endive which is characteristic for its long and creamy white leaves pressed one to another.  Endive will supply you with proteins and good sugars, as well as minerals and vitamin C.

Being abundant in vitamin A, endive, particularly endive juice can help better the eyesight. Namely, when combined together with parsley, celery, and carrot juice, it can improve the muscular and optic system too. Opt for a cup to three per day of this combo for a healthier eyesight and lower risk of vision-related issues.

Can Juices Help Improve the Eyesight?

Drinking fresh juices can be of great aid for the overall health- they elevate your energy levels, boost your vitamin and mineral levels, and hydrate the body. The body easily absorbs the nutrients from the juices and thus, they nourish your whole body.

Juicing with veggies and fruits is an excellent way to supply your body with important nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E which are pivotal for the eye health.

Moreover, juicing can help better the vision because some fruits and veggies contain zeaxanthin and lutein, potent antioxidants that prevent the chance for specific eye illnesses.

In a study done back in 2008, people who consumed these antioxidants had 23 percent smaller risk of cataracts than those who lacked these nutrients in their diets.

Some other suggestions for healthy juices that can better your eyesight include orange and carrot juice, spinach juice, berry juice, sweet potato juice, etc.

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video below and learn more about how juicing can help better your eyesight and protect you from eye-related problems:




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