Ladies, Stimulate Your Health with these 5 Excellent Yoga Poses

Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the abundance of health benefits that regular yoga practice offers. When it comes to female health, yoga is known to help with weight management, self-esteem, stress management, mood improvement, and low energy levels.

What’s more, yoga may help relieve their menstrual period cramps and menopausal symptoms.

Yoga will help you balance the body by strengthening your muscles and stretching them and thus, reducing your risk of pain and injury. The breathing techniques help you calm down your nervous system and lower tension.

Continue reading the article to learn the 5 ultimate yoga poses for women that are simple, yet very powerful.

5 Best Yoga Asanas for Women

  • Child’s pose

This pose is great for hip, quad, and back stretching. To perform it, you need to kneel on your mat with the big toes touching behind and the knees apart. Place the torso between the thighs and the forehead to the mat.

The arms need to be extended straight in front of you with the palms on the floor. Now, close the eyes and breathe. Keep the pose for 60 seconds.

This asana is excellent for stretching the glutes, calves, spine, hamstrings and for strengthening your triceps and deltoids. Begin on all fours while the feet and knees are width-apart. Place the hands in front of you, at shoulder-width apart, and spread the fingers.

Press firmly and lift the knees off and straighten the legs. A gentle twist in the knees is okay. Squeeze the thighs and press towards the back and press the heels back towards the floor.

It is not a problem if they don’t entirely flatten on the floor. With time, they will. Relax the shoulders, neck, and head. Breathe deeply and stay in the pose for a minute.

  • Warrior II

This pose will help you stretch the inner thighs, chest, and hips and strengthen the belly, shoulders, and quadriceps. While in a standing position, step the feet around 4 feet apart.

Turn the right foot with the toes pointed towards the mat’s front and turn in the left one in 30 degrees. Elevate the arms to shoulder height and straighten them and keep the parallel to the floor. Bend the right knee to form a 90-degree angle with the right shin and thigh.

Tuck the tailbone down and pull in the abdomen and straighten the upper body. Ground yourself and stay in the pose for 5 deep breaths. Repeat the same with the other leg bent.

  • Plank pose

If you are looking for an asana that will help you have stronger arms, back, core, shoulders, and quadriceps, this is the one for you. Begin from downward facing dog pose and press into the palms.

Bring your chest forward and place the shoulders directly over the wrists as in the top of a pushup. Press the heels behind and extend the head forward to create a straight line from head to heels. Hold for at least 60 seconds or more if you can.

  • Chair pose

This pose will definitely spike things up by helping you work on the spine, quadriceps, back, and ankles. To begin, step the feet hip-width apart and create a strong base.

Then, elevate the arms towards the sky and bend the knees and lower your buttocks as if you were to sit in a chair. Pull in the belly and keep the back straight. Put all the weight in the heels. The knees should not extend past the toes. Breathe in and out deeply and stay in the pose for 5 breaths.