Best Benefits of Celery Juice: Heals the Gut, Destroys Viruses & Fights Off Chronic Diseases

Celery is an amazing veggie and celery juice has become one of the most popular healing drinks today and this is scientifically backed up.

And, its health advantages aren’t just limited to its sole consumption, but also combining it with other foods like cilantro or apples for additional benefits.

The best time to drink celery juice is in the morning, when you haven’t got any solid food in your belly yet. Still, this doesn’t mean that you won’t reap its advantages if you drink it later on in the day!

When you drink it early, you help improve the food digestion happening later on.

Celery Juice Will Supply You with Amazing Nutrients

One glass of fresh celery juice will boost your levels of:

  • Copper
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamins A, B2, B6, C, and K
  • Beta-carotene
  • Folate
  • Potassium
  • Panthothenic acid

The Best Healing Benefits of Celery Juice

It’s anti-inflammatory

Celery juice has more than 20 antioxidants that fight against inflammation in the body like cinnamic acid, ferulic acid, quercetin, etc.

Lowering excessive inflammation in the body is pivotal for people with chronic and autoimmune diseases.

It’s anti-cancerous

Celery has more than 8 anti-cancer compounds which can be of aid in the fight against several types of cancer.

The acetylene and phenolic acid were found beneficial in ceasing the cancer growth whereas coumarin was found effective in lowering the mutations in normal cells known to lead to cancer.

Reduces the bad cholesterol

Celery is great for people with high cholesterol. Thanks to its compounds, it can decrease the bad cholesterol by elevating the bile secretion going on in the liver.

This improves the bile flow and thus, boosts the digestive process, and betters the fat and cholesterol absorption.

Keeps the heart healthy

Besides from helping relax the blood vessels and improving the blood flow, coumarin from celery also helps make the blood thinner. It will also cleanse the blood and the kidneys.

Its vitamins A and C as well its magnesium and iron are pivotal for the nourishing and the rebuilding of the red blood cells.

Makes the bones stronger

Celery has natural sodium and sodium is good for the bones because it makes 25 percent of them.

But, this doesn’t mean that eating high amounts of salt is good for the bones’ health. There’s a difference between the mineral salts in celery and foods with added salt.

The K1 vitamin in fresh celery boosts the bone mass and thus, decreases the risk of fractures, which has been scientifically proven.

Beneficial for the nervous system

Since celery has mineral salts, it’s good for the nervous system and the electrical impulses which control it.

They’re the building blocks for the neurotransmitter chemicals which play a role in the neuron function.

Celery juice will in a way give your nervous system the boost of energy it needs to function properly.