5 Surprising Health Benefits of Probiotics

Nowadays, we hear so much about probiotics and that they’re good for us, but do we know why? Probiotics are actually live microorganisms which can be acquired through certain foods or supplements.

A rising number of studies indicate that the bacterial imbalance in our digestive system is associated with our overall health and illnesses.

When we have enough probiotics, our gut bacteria are balanced and our health betters.

Probiotics are said to have many health advantages with some of the most popular ones being digestive wellbeing, higher chance of weight loss, and stronger immunity.

Below, check out 5 awesome reasons why you should definitely consider adding probiotic foods and supplements to your diet!

5 Awesome Reasons to Add more Probiotics to Your Diet

  • Balanced gut bacteria

Probiotics include the good bacteria-live microorganisms with health advantages. They’re believed to be a result of probiotics’ ability to restore the balance of gut bacteria.

When we have a gut imbalance, it means we’re consuming a lot of bad bacteria and not sufficient good ones.

This may be a result of antibiotic overuse, an unhealthy diet, some disease, etc. consequently, we deal with allergies, mental health issues, obesity, digestive problems, and more.

  • Less diarrhea

Probiotics are commonly used to avert diarrhea or to minimize its occurrence. Diarrhea is often a side effect of antibiotics since they distort the balance in the gut. Some studies have even showed probiotics helpful in minimizing the risk of diarrhea during antibiotic therapy.

But, they can also help with other types of diarrhea, including infectious and traveller’s.

  • May be of aid for some mental health problems

A rising number of studies have been linking healthy gut to better mood and mental wellbeing.

Animal and human studies concluded that supplementation with probiotics is able to help with certain mental health problems.

In fact, a review of 15 studies done with humans found that probiotic supplementation for 1 to 2 months helped better symptoms of autism, depression, anxiety, and OCD. Moreover, in another, supplementation with probiotics for 8 weeks helped lower depression levels and the levels of C-reactive protein production-an inflammation marker and insulin hormones.

This didn’t happen in those who didn’t take probiotics.

  • Healthier heart

By lowering the bad cholesterol and blood pressure, probiotics may help you keep a strong heart.

Namely, some lactic acid-making bacteria may lower cholesterol by dissolving the bile in the gut.

This fluid is made of cholesterol and aids with the digestive processes.

And, by dissolving it, probiotics help avert its re-absorption in the gut where it will go into the blood as cholesterol.

  • Lower seriousness of eczema and allergies

Some probiotic strains may help lower the severity of eczema in kids and infants. Namely, a study discovered that the symptoms of this condition bettered for the ones fed with milk supplemented with probiotics, unlike in those who drank milk without probiotics.

And, in a study with children of women who consumed probiotics during pregnancy, it was found that these kids had 83 percent lower chances of developing this condition in the first two years of their lives.

Although with weaker evidence, there’s also some indication that probiotics may be of aid in lowering inflammation in individuals allergic to dairy and milk.