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Learn Why We Need Serotonin & How to Increase it Naturally

Why We Need Serotonin And How To Boost It Naturally

Serotonin is a hormone which plays a major role in almost all human behavioral processes, from our emotions, motor skills to digestion; this is a potent chemical that’s vital for our life and bodily functions. Its receptors are found in several parts of the brain and work as neurotransmitters and […]

Does really Losing a Pet Hurt more than Losing a Fellow Human?

Losing a Pet Can Hurt more than Losing a Fellow Human

Without doubt, the worst fear of pet owners is losing a pet. Unfortunately, when this happens, pet owners face huge pain and emptiness. Grieving for our pets is not easy and there is no unique ‘how-to-do-it’ because every person has a different relationship with their pets. Dogs and cats live […]

7 Things You Should Give Up To Be Truly Happy

Without doubt, throughout life, we are all searching for genuine happiness, but not everyone finds it. However, sometimes, we are unconsciously blocking happiness from our lives thanks to some of our choices and habits. Without doubt, life has its ups and downs and the trick is how you look at […]