Cold Water vs. Warm Water: One of Them is Damaging to Your Health

Dehydration is a common health issue these days and it is often accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms such as joint ache, digestive problems, and constipation. For a lot of people, drinking water is non-existent, which is quite the alarming knowledge if we take into account that water is essential for us and that almost 60 percent of our body is made of it!

This being said, we need a specific amount of water on the daily to keep things going and preserve optimal health! However, although more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of drinking water regularly, there is a new concern that has appeared, i.e. whether cold water or warm water is healthier and better option.

Let us find out together!

Cold vs. Warm Water: Which One Is Better for You?

As seen on Providr, people who drink water which has 80 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit should know that this is not good for the overall health. Namely, when we drink cold water, we elevate our chances of getting ill. Here are the things which will happen in your body if you quench your thirst with cold water:

  • Tightens the blood vessels and weakens the digestion
  • The body needs to work much harder to regulate the colder temperature instead of turning the food you have eaten into much-needed energy
  • Causes surplus mucus in the body
  • Solidifies fats and lowers your capacity to digest unwanted fats

In order to avert all of these harmful effects on your body, minimise your cold water consumption. Focus on drinking warmer water or room temperature water. Check out its amazing health benefits below…

7 Amazing Reasons Why You Need Warm Water

According to The Hearty Soul, here are the major reasons to drink warmer water rather than cold one:

  • Improves the digestive processes

One of the best ways to get rid of toxins and chemicals from the body is by drinking a glass of warm water. Its temperature will ease the breakdown of foods and oils better the digestion. This is why a lot of experts recommend drinking warm water after meals. It is also good to drink warm water prior to breakfast so that you can detoxify the stomach and kick start the digestion.

  • Betters the metabolism

Warm water on a regular basis will enhance your metabolic rate; opt for a glass of it in the morning after waking up (mixed with lemon juice) for a healthy metabolism throughout the day.

  • Fights off obesity and bad cholesterol

Warm lemon water can be exceptional for diabetes patients. Moreover, it can also dissolve the surplus arterial build-up. It can also help you combat excessive weight and balance the blood sugar.

  • Alleviates constipation

Often times, you may be struggling with constipation due to dehydration. Therefore, make sure you boost your daily intake of warm water so that you can be regular. The best time to drink it for an optimal digestion is in the morning prior to breakfast.

  • Detoxifies the blood

Ayurvedic medicine proponents advise keeping water in copper vessels. This is because the copper is considered to be beneficial in cleansing the blood by destroying bad bacteria.

  • Decreases surplus mucus

In a study, it was discovered that the participants who drank warm water experienced a lower mucus accumulation in their throats,noses, and gastrointestinal tract. Warm water on a daily basis may also lower your risk of colds and the flu. It keeps the mucus going and does not allow for bad bacteria to get stuck and grow in the above-mentioned areas.

  • Makes you friendlier

Believe it or not, according to a study, drinking warm beverages can better your mood. The theory is that our brains process warmth and our view of others in similar ways. For example, the people who held a cup of hot coffee while looking at the “target person” were perceived as “significantly warmer” that those participants who held a cup of iced coffee.




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