5 Best Stretches to Do in the Morning & Be Strong & Flexible

Most of you reading the article will definitely agree that there is nothing better than the feeling from a good stretch, right? Doing the right stretches on a regular basis is essential for a healthy and balanced way of life.

And, stretching will not take a lot of your time- you just need a couple of minutes in the morning to begin your day in the best way possible.

Doing regular stretches is also highly beneficial and important for people with a desk job as prolonged hours of sitting are often linked with tension in the back and pain.

After you learn these 5 stretches that we decided to present in this article, you will no longer need to struggle with unpleasant morning stiffness. These stretches will boost your blood flow and lower pain.

The Major Benefits of Regular Stretching

  • Boosts the flexibility

Stretching will keep optimal body mobility and better your range of motion.

  • Upright posture

One of the numerous advantages of stretching is the improvement of your posture. You will not just adopt a healthier posture, but also feel more confident and stronger in your body.

  • Reduces backache

Stretching can help reduce and avert pain in the back.

  • Lowers stress

Stretching is highly beneficial for reducing stress and relaxing the mind. By focusing on the breath while stretching, you lower the muscle tension and the whole body will be more relaxed. It will also help you be more mindful.

The 5 Best Stretches: How to Perform Them

  • Door stretch

Place your arms on the door jam and step the foot through the threshold. Keep the upper arms parallel to the floor while the forearms are aligned and up along the doorway. Now, bend the front knee to feel a stretch in the chest and shoulders. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds and then repeat the same with the other leg.

  • Standing side stretch

Clasp the hands and extend the pointer fingers and hold them over the head. While reaching forward, breathe in and breathe out while bending the body gently onto the right. Take slow five breaths and go back to the primary pose. Repeat the same movement on the other side. Do 3 to 4 reps and go slowly.

  • Standing hamstring stretch

This highly beneficial stretch for the hamstrings, i.e. the backs of the legs and it may also be of aid for lower back ache. Place the left heel onto a lower surface than the hips, for example a chair or the bed, and flex the foot. Go deeper in the stretch by bending forward towards the flexed foot. Keep the pose for 30 seconds and then do the same with other leg.

  • Standing forward bend

While in a standing position, spread the feet hip-width apart and slightly twist the knees. Hinge forward at the hips. Let the upper part of the body hang over the legs and catch the elbows.

If you are in need of a gentler version in case of lower back problems or injuries, place the hands on the floor for support. Keep the pose for 3 to 4 deep breaths. Feel free to shake the head back and forth or rock the body in the pose from side to side. Then, gradually come up by pulling in the abs and rounding the vertebrae one by one. Do 2 reps.

  • Elevated pigeon stretch

On a bed or a chair, place one leg with the knee bent. Square the hips and make sure you put the front knee outside of the front shoulder. Keep the spine straight and bend forward at the hips. Place the hands on the chair or bed for support. Stay in the pose for 6 breaths and then do the same with other leg.




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