5 Major Anxiety Causes: You Are Probably Doing Them Right Now!

Without doubt, anxiety has ways of sneaking up on us in moments when we least expect it. It causes nausea and lightheadedness and even panic attacks. Of course, if you anxiety is part of your life, you have probably identified the most common triggers for you and have been trying to reduce your exposure, right?

However, you should also know that there are a lot of other habits that can make you feel anxious. In today’s article, we will present the 5 habits that you are probably doing right now without knowing that they are making you anxious, as well as 5 methods to stop these behaviors.

5 Anxiety-Causing Habits & 5 Tips to Stop Them

  • You eat too much refined sugar

Empty calories and weight gain are not the sole reason why you need to reduce your consumption of sugar, but because it can harm your mental health too. Namely, what we eat is connected to our hormones, neurotransmitters, and all other physical functions of the body. Hence, if we are not careful about our diets, our body’s going to be off balance. Moreover, sugar is known to elevate the secretions of cortisol which further enhances anxiety. Therefore, forget about those candies and cookies and opt for fresh and natural sweeteners like honey and agave. Choose dark chocolate over regular chocolate to fight off cravings. And, make sure you read labels of the foods you buy so that you do not end up eating added sugar.

  • You do not sleep enough

When you have a regular sleeping pattern established, the risk of anxiety reduces. Getting sufficient hours of slumber per night enables you to feel fresher and better the following day too. Try to stick to the sleeping pattern you have established every night so that the biorhythms can work optimally.

  • You drink too much caffeine

Of course, many of us enjoy our daily dose of coffee; however, drinking a cup every few hours is never a good thing. This usually happens to people who do not eat healthy or do not sleep regularly and thus, need to use stimulants to keep up with their daily chores; however, too many cups of coffee end up making them anxious. Instead, opt for more natural energy boosters like meditation, exercise or a piece of dark chocolate!

  • You spend too much time in front of a screen

Whether your phone or computer, it has become impossible to fight off the temptation of scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. However, too much time in front of a screen is over-stimulating your brain and plus, social media is increasing your anxiousness. This is not just a result of the staring in the screen, but because of the FOMO or the fear of missing out. Hence, you end up feeling too much anxiety without any need. This is why limiting screen time plays a crucial role. You need to allow yourself to spend time on social media for an hour or two per day, not more. This will help you fight off anxiety and stress and more importantly, give you more time to actually live your real life!

  • Forgetting about self care

In today’s busy world, after caring about our family, friends, and colleagues, we end up having scarce or no time to dedicate to ourselves. Unfortunately, lack of self-care is known to trigger anxiety. This being said, it may not be bad to put yourself first from time to time. This is not selfish, but crucial for your mental well-being. What is self-care, many people wonder? Self-care comes in different forms, from reducing your screen time and trying to squeeze in more meditation and workout to consulting a professional therapist to release all those clogged emotions. You can also try yoga, breathing exercises, and spend more time in nature. These activities will help you focus on the present moment and thus, minimize anxiety and feel peaceful and joyful.



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