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Research Shows: Aspartame Causes Depression

Research Shows: Aspartame Causes Depression

Many people today think that diet beverages with sugar replacements are good for them. They have a sweet taste and are refreshing and low in calories, same as water. But, these drinks are nothing close to water which is found in nature. These beverages are man-made from laboratory chemicals. Most […]

Common Garden Weed: Crucial for Destruction of Cancerous Cells

This Common Yard Weed is a Powerful Anti-Cancer Weapon

The project called Dandelion Root Project begun in 2009 with the goal to test the anti-cancer properties of dandelion root extract. And, dandelion root tea was found to destroy several cancer types in lab animals, including skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, and colon cancer. Now, it is being tested in […]