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What Happens to Your Body when You Do not Eat for 16 Hours

What Happens to Your Body when You Do not Eat for 16 Hours

In this article, we decided to share an infographic created by Niraj Naik who runs a blog known as The Renegade Pharmacist. This infographic contains the numerous potential health advantages of fasting. A lot of scientists from this field highly recommend the intermittent fasting during which one eats healthy in […]

Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat at Home

Having big or flabby arms can really ruin your looks. What’s more, they are not easy to carry in a slim fit dress and when you go sleeveless, you often feel embarrassed, right? Sagginess is an even worse problem, for both men and women, so it is good to know […]

You Need to Stop Eating Nutella for these Disturbing Reasons!

For a lot of people, Nutella is synonymous with happiness and it is literally present everywhere, from donuts and pancakes to cookies and biscuits. However, it appears that this popular hazelnut cocoa spread is bad for our health because it contains highly processed ingredients like milk, sugar, cocoa, and hazelnuts, […]