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Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods. Time To Start Eating Them!

As noted on The Science of Eating, recent medical research concluded that there are seven specific foods and drinks that are highly beneficial in the fight against cancer due to having powerful cancer-suppressing characteristics. They are also considered to be more potent than chemotherapy; what’s more, they are among the […]

12 Things that Happen to Your Body when You Eat Eggs

According to nutritionists, eggs are a pivotal part of a healthy diet because of their amazing nutritive properties. Namely, they are abundant in proteins, iron, antioxidants, as well as amino acids. They make the ideal breakfast for athletes and people who want or need to gain muscles. The yolk is […]

7 Popular Food Combos That Can Damage Your Health

Did you know that there are a lot of well-known food combinations which a lot of us enjoy eating on a daily basis without actually knowing how bad they can be for our health? Therefore, this article focuses on showing which food combinations are not good for you and why […]