Diabetes Patients: 10 Reasons why Sweet Potatoes Are Beneficial for You

Even though sweet potatoes are very similar to regular potatoes, as explained on Bugg Zodiac, they have a distinct taste, come from a different family, are sweet, and their appearance is not the same.

The most common types of sweet potatoes are the ones with yellow-orange color and a white flesh. Interestingly, in Japan, their flesh is purple. Without doubt, sweet potatoes are an amazing healthy food which is abundant in important nutrients and antioxidants that will better your overall health on multiple levels.

If you still have not included them into your daily diet, then you should definitely start eating them more frequently because they can be of aid with numerous health problems. This being said, in today’s article, we decided to present a list with 10 good reasons why eating sweet potatoes is great!

10 Reasons why Sweet Potatoes Belong in a Healthy Diet

  1. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene which works as an antioxidant and it can decrease the risk of arthritis, gout, and asthma.
  2. Water from boiled potatoes can help treat skin problems, skin irritation, and detoxify pores.
  3. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which is known to be important for the regeneration of the respiratory system in active smokers.
  4. The potassium from sweet potatoes will better the health of the muscle tissues and it will lower cramps and swellings; it will also balance the heartbeat
  5. The folic acid found in sweet potatoes is an excellent nutrient for the proper development of fetuses.
  6. The vitamin C present in sweet potatoes is crucial for a long list of processes in the body.
  7. The vitamin D in sweet potatoes will strengthen your bones, teeth, skin, and heart and supply the body with energy.
  8. Sweet potatoes are great for diabetics; they balance the sugar levels and the insulin resistance.
  9. The abundance of fiber in sweet potatoes encourage the cleansing of the body from toxins and better the digestive processes.
  10. The potassium in sweet potatoes will decrease the negative impact of sodium and enhance the health of the heart; it will also normalize the blood pressure and the electrolyte levels.

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video to learn more about why you need to up your intake of sweet potatoes: