10 Easy & Useful Ways to Relieve Heartburn at Home

Whether it was because of a spicy meal you have eaten or because you had too much coffee throughout the day, you have probably struggled with heartburn at least once in your lifetime.

Heartburn or acid reflux may also happen after consuming meals rich in oils, fats, specific meds, onions, chocolate, tomatoes, and alcohol, as One Good Thing By Jillee explain. But, heartburn does not necessarily have to be a chronic problem because there are useful and completely natural treatments that can be of great aid.

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What Is a Heartburn or GERD?

When we eat foods which the stomach cannot properly digest, according to Health and Love Page, we increase our risk of heartbun. When the stomach acid or pancreatic fluids go back into the esophagus and cause discomfort, it is known as GERD. Chronic GERD has been linked to inflammation, scarring, inflammation, and esophagus narrowing.

The main symptoms of this health problem are hoarse throat, nausea, irritation, wheezing, coughing, and food getting stuck in the throat.

10 Simple Methods to Treat Heartburn Easily

  1. Improve your diet

If you want to decrease the symptoms and eventually put an end to heartburn, make sure you minimize or completely exclude the intake of fast foods, junk foods, and processed foods.

  1. Lose weight if necessary

Did you know that the risk of problems with the esophagus is higher in overweight and obese people? So, if you are in this category, do your best to shed around 8 to 10 pounds and thus, alleviate the condition.

  1. Drink warm lemon water

Prior to breakfast in the morning, drink a glass of warm lemon water. This will restore the balance of the acids in the body. Avoid using cold water for the beverage as it can cause additional stress for the stomach and intestines.

  1. Sleep on the left side

When you sleep on the right side, the acid reflux symptoms can worsen. So, choose the left side instead. Otherwise, there will be too much pressure into the intestines and the esophageal sphincter will be tighter.

  1. Drink the right tea

To soothe an upset stomach or to treat acid reflux, you should drink peppermint, chamomile or fenugreek tea on a regular basis. Consume a cup or two per day for optimal effect.

  1. Chewing gum

When you are chewing a gum, you will enhance the saliva production and thus, lower the acid levels in the esophagus. So, if you are prone to heartburn, reach for a chewing gum for immediate relief.

  1. Baking soda

One of the most commonly used natural remedies for heartburn is to drink a mixture of 250 ml of water and a tbsp of baking soda as soon as the symptoms appear.

  1. Slippery elm

Did you know that this herbal supplement can be an excellent way to alleviate any irritation happening in the digestive tract? You can find it in capsule or powder form in health stores and pharmacies.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Our stomach needs additional acid to ensure proper digestion; so, this is why consuming apple cider vinegar or fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles can be of aid to prevent and treat heartburn.

  1. Saccharomyces boulardii

This probiotic is frequently recommended as a useful supplement that can better the vitamin absorption. This process is essential for the proper digestion in the small intestine.




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