Miracle Magnesium Drink: Anxiety-Free in a Week!

Magnesium is considered to be one of the most potent cures for anxiety these days, a lot of studies show. According to Power of Positivity, the RDI of magnesium is between 320 and 400 mg; however, the average American adult consumes less than 250 mg of magnesium. This is not good if we know that magnesium is a vital mineral for more than 300 biochemical processes going on in the body.

Some of the major roles of magnesium are regulating the heartbeat, keeping the bones strong, supporting the immunity, and balancing the blood sugar levels. Below, learn more about why magnesium is essential for our health and well-being. Also, we will share a recipe for a “miracle” magnesium drink that will boost your overall levels of magnesium.

The Importance of Magnesium for Our Health

  • Decreases brain inflammation
  • Lowers the stress response
  • Betters the activity of neurotransmitters
  • Calms down the sympathetic nervous system and minimizes anxiousness

6 Major Symptoms that You Need more Magnesium for Anxiety

  • Poor sleep quality and insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Anxiousness and depressive mood
  • Sore muscles and muscle spasms
  • Fragile bones and osteoporosis

DIY Anti-Anxiety Beverage with Magnesium

Here is what you will need:

A cup of spinach or kale

One banana

A tbsp of raw cacao powder

A tsp of organic honey or agave nectar

A scoop of protein powder

A cup of almond milk, unsweetened

Preparation: In a blender, put all of the ingredients and blend for a minute or two. Once the mixture is homogeneous, turn off the blender and transfer the drink into a glass. Drink right away.

For optimal effect, consume regularly, every day or two!

Magnesium-Rich Diet

To elevate your magnesium levels, it is also important to enrich your diet with the following foods:

  • Dark leafy green veggies
  • Black beans
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Salmon
  • Cashews
  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocados
  • Tofu
  • Bananas
  • Whole grains

Before heading out, do not forget to check out this video and learn more about the power of magnesium:




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