Learn How One Tsp of Chia Seeds Can Improve Your Gut, Brain & Heart Health

As seen on Food Matters, the name chia originates from the Aztec word chian, which means oily. The name also explains one of the major health advantages of chia, i.e. it is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, a type of unsaturated fat which is good for the overall health.

It is important to note that there is a major difference between omega-3 and omega-6 fats. The former are acquired by eating flaxseed, fish oil, kiwi seeds, and chia seeds whereas the latter are more commonly found, for example, in vegetable oils, avocado, nuts, etc. Without doubt, a balanced omega-3 and omega-6 level is crucial for an optimal health.

Due to the fact that omega-3 fats are not as commonly found as the omega-6 ones, people often have a low amount of them. This being said, we decided to discuss one of the main sources of omega-3 fatty acids, i.e. chia seeds and how they can help you elevate your omega-3 fatty acids levels completely naturally.

The Nutritive Value of Chia Seeds

  • It contains 19 amino acids
  • Chia is suitable for gluten-intolerant individuals because it is gluten-free
  • It is rich in fiber, which makes it excellent for the digestion
  • It is an ideal egg replacement; mix chia seeds with water and mix to get a gel-like texture and use it instead of eggs in recipes
  • It has the power to balance the blood glucose levels
  • It is richer in potassium than bananas
  • It is an excellent food for the hair, skin, and nails
  • It is a brain and heart food
  • It contains 8 times more omega-3 than salmon
  • It is abundant in antioxidants
  • It has five times more the amount of calcium than the one in milk
  • It has 7 times higher amount of vitamin C than oranges do
  • It contains three times more iron than spinach

How to Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet?

  • You can grind a specific amount of chia seeds in a grinder and add it to various meals
  • You can eat whole chia seeds mixed with water or homemade fruit juices
  • You can add them to smoothies and different homemade desserts
  • You can sprinkle them on top of fruit or veggie salads

The Best 5 Health Advantages of Chia Seeds

  1. Since chia seeds are one of the foods that have the highest antioxidant amount, they are great for the health of the skin and in averting premature skin aging. Antioxidants are known to speed up the recovery and stop further damage.
  2. Chia seeds contain a lot of fiber so one serving of them will supply you with the daily amount of fiber, believe it or not! Dietary fiber is crucial for regular bowel movements, a healthy stool, reaching satiety quicker and decreasing the appetite, and it can work as a prebiotic too.
  3. This amazing superfood has the capacity to stop inflammation, balance the cholesterol, and decrease the blood pressure, all of which are pivotal for a healthy heart. Moreover, it will also decrease the chances for atherosclerosis by reversing oxidative stress.
  4. According to Dr. Axe, they were proven to stop diabetes and even reverse it.
  5. Consuming chia seeds on the regular can help you enhance your metabolism and burn more abdominal fat. Also, they were found to contribute to a higher level of energy.