9 Amazing Reasons to Eat more Celery in the Evening

For a lot of you who are reading this article, celery may be the last veggie you think of, mostly because it appears rather boring and simple, right? However, there is nothing boring about the health benefits this amazing vegetable has to offer. Therefore, it is vital that you start adding it to your diet more often.

If you still have doubts about its goodness, continue reading the article because we will present 9 of its best healing properties.

The 9 Best Health Advantages of Celery

  1. Relieves pain and inflammation

Did you know that this potent vegetable can reduce inflammation, especially the one linked with joint ache? This is a result of its abundance in polyphenols and antioxidants. It may also help asthmatic individuals and people struggling with acne because it contains salicylic acid known to eliminate clogged follicles.

  2. Improves eye health

One celery stalk may supply you with up to 10 percent of your daily need for vitamin A. This is a pivotal vitamin for the eyes and it will reduce the chances for eyesight degeneration associated with aging.

  3. Minimizes stress

Celery is abundant in magnesium, a mineral known to relieve stress and help you remain calm. It will soothe your nervous system with the help of magnesium, but with the essential oils too. Eat some celery for dinner to fall asleep easier.

  4. Fights against cancer

The luteolin in celery is a flavonoid that impedes the growth of cancerous cells, particularly colorectal and pancreatic cancer. It may also be beneficial in helping delay the creation of cancerous cells in the breast.

  5. Betters your sex life

When chewing celery, two sex pheromones known as androstenol and androstenone are being released. They can increase the levels of arousal.

  6. Encourages weight loss

Did you know that one stalk of celery has around 10 calories while it is abundant in water? Therefore, it can help you maintain your satiety without adding to your daily calorie intake and cause weight gain. Feel free to mix it up in soups, stir-fries, and salads.

  7. Decreases bad cholesterol

When the levels of bad cholesterol are too high, they can cause hypertension and other health issues. This is where celery can help. It has an ingredient called butylphthalide that has the capacity to lower the cholesterol levels. Opt for two stalks of celery on the daily (they can minimize the cholesterol by up to 7 percent).

  8. Lowers high blood pressure

This veggie contains active compounds called phthalides and they can enhance the circulatory health by 14 percent and may also decrease the secretion of stress hormones and allow the blood to move easier.

  9. Boosts the digestion

Since it contains a lot of water and insoluble fiber, celery can be of aid for people with irregular bowel movements. Also, it may be a beneficial diuretic because of its detoxifying properties. But, it should be avoided if you have diarrhea.




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