This Woman Managed to Reverse Her MS with the Help of Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Terry Wahls, a medical academic at the University of Iowa, was diagnosed with MS at the age of 45, back in 2004. But, she managed to reverse her MS symptoms with the help of alternative approaches.

She was dealing with weakness in her left leg and was stumbling as a result. She also suffered spinal cord lesions, poor vision, and abnormal spinal fluid.

Unfortunately, her health was declining rather fast and within 3 years from the diagnosis, she was bound to a wheelchair.

In that period, she was against treatment with conventional medicine and due to no treatment, she was soon almost fully bedridden.

She couldn’t sit for more than 10 minutes because she was very weak and her tiredness was excessive.

The Search for an Alternative Cure

Since she didn’t accept conventional medicine, she decided to research some alternative therapies, such as healthy diet. She was aware that diet, workout, and environment play a pivotal role in the disease.

Moreover, she knew a lot about the human microbiome and how the microbes in our gut influence our health and immune system. She began with the brain fog first- she found out which vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins her brain needs to function adequately.

She therefore put away refined sugars, grains, processed and pre-packed foods and focused on whole and fresh foods. She ate up to 9 servings of nutrient-rich veggies per day.

 Inspired from the knowledge she acquired, she decided to develop her own MS protocol. She comprised a “brain diet”, i.e. foods that will provide her brain with the necessary nutrients. She also performed techniques for stress management.

Radical Improvement Started

Soon enough, Wahls’s health drastically bettered and she was no longer bedridden- she was now even able to ride a bike! She is no longer bound to her home and her bed because of fatigue and ache.

Wahls’s MS Diet Plan

She ate 9 servings of veggies on a daily basis, animal-based omega 3s, and seaweed. This is the produce she consumed:

  • Dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, watercress, chard)
  • Cruciferous veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts)
  • Deep color fruits and veggies (berries, beets, carrots)

She got her protein from the following products:

  • Moderate amount of grass-fed meat
  • Omega 3s from wild salmon, sardines, and rainbow trout

The Importance of Healthy Microbiome

Since the microbes play a major role in our health, it’s important to feed them the right things.

Namely, they participate in the formation of healthy energy levels, improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients, synthesize vitamins, and help in the production in the fatty acids.

Important to Note:

In case you have MS and poor lifestyle choices are worsening your symptoms or speeding up the progression of the disease, this may be a beneficial program to try out, even though she has never stated that this is a cure for the illness.

Therefore, make sure you consult your doctor prior to starting any diet or implementing a lifestyle change.