DIY Grape Juice: Reduces the Blood Pressure & Allergy Symptoms

If you enjoy eating grapes, you’ll love this delicious and healthy, DIY grape juice. Grapes aren’t just tasty fruits- they are also very healthy.

According to newest research, they can be great allies in the prevention of heart attacks. This is because they may help decrease the blood pressure by up to 5 percent and the bad cholesterol to 14 percent.

Moreover, they’re rich in antioxidants known as polyphenols that are known to slow down and avert different types of cancer. They can be of aid with allergies as well because of the quercetin present in them- a natural anti-inflammatory.

You can make it in juice or smoothie form, whichever you prefer. Below, check out the recipe in detail…

DIY Grape Juice

You will need:

3 cups of black or purple grapes

A cup of cucumber

½ lemon, peeled

1-inch ginger root, optional

Preparation: Blend or juice the ingredients. To boosts its freshness even more, add several ice cubes. For best benefits, drink it right away.

The Link between Grape Juice & the Blood Pressure

According to Web MD, a study done with lab animals showed that the group that was given grape-enriched powder experienced lower blood pressure, improved heart function, and lower inflammation unlike the group which didn’t receive this grape mixture.

In a study done with hypertensive male adults, a daily glass of grape juice helped them lower their blood pressure, both the systolic and diastolic.

This is one of the first, placebo-controlled, randomized, and double-blind studies which use a whole juice, in this case, it was the Concord grape juice.

Why Are Grapes Good for Hypertensive Individuals?

Grapes are good for your heart as one cup has 288 mg of potassium or 6 percent of the recommended daily amount.

This pivotal mineral is needed for the balance of the blood pressure and its low intake has been associated with higher risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart disease.

Important to Know

Even though grapes are rich in natural sugar, they have a low GI and don’t appear to elevate the blood sugar. But, as with everything, don’t exaggerate with its consumption to prevent unwanted effects.