Brazil Nuts: Nature’s Top Source of Selenium

According to One Green Planet, selenium is a trace mineral which is naturally found in the soil, some foods, and sometimes even water. It is a pivotal nutrient for the body because of its protective role.

When it comes to foods rich in selenium, Brazil nuts are definitely among the top sources. If you want to ensure that your selenium levels are optimal, you should definitely start eating Brazil nuts.

The Health Benefits of Selenium

Selenium has enzymic and structural roles and it can act as a catalyst and an antioxidant. It is pivotal for numerous functions in the body and it is necessary for a healthy immunity, thyroid gland, optimal fertility, and good cognitive function.

Since selenium is not naturally produced in the body, we need to acquire it from foods. For the thyroid gland to be capable of metabolizing hormones, it requires a catalyst, i.e. selenium.

Higher levels of selenium in your body, according to One Green Planet, can keep you safe from viruses and pathogens and thus, you will have a strong immune system.

When it comes to fertility and selenium, selenium is known to avert egg and sperm damage with its antioxidant properties. And, it is needed for the creation of sperm too.

Brazil Nuts & Selenium

Brazil nuts are seeds from trees from the Amazon jungle and they have a sweet and rich taste. They are rich in minerals and vitamins such as thiamine, magnesium, vitamin E, zinc, fiber, iron, protein, and of course, selenium. Believe it or not, one Brazil nut supplies you with double the recommended daily intake of selenium. However, you need to avoid consuming Brazil nuts in excessive amounts to avoid potential health complications.

Other Health Advantages of Brazil Nuts

  1. Improve the cardiovascular health
  2. Reduce inflammation
  3. Elevate the testosterone levels and betters sperm quality
  4. Helps fight off cancer
  5. Alleviates stress, tiredness, and anxiety
  6. Assists with the regulation of the thyroid gland
  7. Good for bettering the health of the skin; gives it a healthy glow and improves the elasticity
  8. Helps treat acne
  9. Keeps you safe from UV radiation
  10. Abundant in protein (great for vegans and vegetarians)
  11. It can treat zinc deficiency
  12. Boosts the health of the hair and makes it shinier and less prone to breakage
  13. They can help with weight loss because they prolong the satiety

How to Consume Brazil Nuts

  • You can eat them whole
  • You can consume them in essential oil form