Don’t Miss Out on Sage, a Wonderful Herb: Here Are Its 6 Best Health Benefits

Did you know that sage is a staple herb in different cuisines worldwide?

Also known as garden or common sage, this herb is part of the mint family, along with its ‘siblings’, oregano, basil, thyme, and rosemary.

Sage is known for its strong and earthy flavor and this is why it’s often used in smaller amounts. However, it’s still rich in vital nutrients and compounds.

Many use it as a cleaning agent, pesticide, and a ritual object in smudging.

This green herb can be used fresh, dried or in oil form. Its health benefits are numerous, so make sure you consume it on a regular basis.

Below, check out its 6 best health advantages…

6 Best Health Benefits of Sage

  • Abundant with antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules which help our body in the fight against harmful free radicals associated with chronic illnesses.

Sage has more than 160 polyphenols that are plant-based chemical compounds that play the role of antioxidants in our body.

A cup of sage tea consumed twice per day in one study boosted the antioxidant defenses, reduced the bad cholesterol, and increased the good one.

  • May help prevent dental plaque

Since it has antimicrobial properties, sage may help destroy microbes leading to dental plaque.

In one study, a mouthwash based on sage effectively killed the Streptococcus mutans bacteria known to contribute to cavities.

It was also beneficial in preventing the spread of Candida albicans, a fungus associated with tooth cavity.

  • Lowers the blood sugar levels

Sage leaves have long been used as a natural cure for diabetes. And, according to research done with humans and animals, sage may indeed help reduce the blood sugar levels.

It betters the insulin sensitivity according to human studies; however, there’s need of additional evidence to be recommended as a treatment for diabetes.

  • Alleviates menopause symptoms

In menopause, the body of women goes through a decline in the levels of the estrogen hormone, which may result in numerous symptoms like sweating, dry vagina, hot flashes, and easy irritability.

It’s considered to be helpful for women in menopause because some of its compounds have estrogen-like properties that bind with some brain receptors and better the memory and alleviate hot flashes and sweating.

  • Good for the brain and our memory

Sage may be a brain and memory herb- it’s rich in antioxidants that better the brain’s defense system and cease the dissolving of a chemical messenger known as ACH that plays a role in memory.

In Alzheimer’s patients, its levels seem to be lower.

In one study with healthy adults, sage bettered the memory capacity in lower doses.

Higher doses of it helped boost the mood and enhanced the calmness and alertness.

  • Anti-cancer herb

Cancer is one of the major causes of death worldwide.

According to animal and test-tube studies, sage may help in the fight against some types of cancer, including colon, mouth, cervix, liver, breast, kidney, and skin.

Sage was able to decrease the growth of cancerous cells and also encourage death of cancerous cells.

However, human studies are necessary to find out if its cancer-fighting properties may help in humans.